Cages for Finches and Canaries

Finches and canaries are delightful smaller birds. What they lack in size, they make up for with their lively personalities. While these birds do not need much attention there singing and chirping adds something to the home. They are not aggressive towards humans so you wont be getting your finger bitten as with parrots etc. Finches and canaries are low maintenance pets and are ideal for bird lovers of all ages . A couple of zebra finches are  ideal as a first bird  for a younger person,  as they are relatively cheap to purchase and very easy to care for.

Before you bring a pair of these smaller birds home (most need to be in pairs or groups since they are a sociable bird species), you first need to purchase a suitable cage. If you are a finch or canary owner, we suggest you spend a few minutes of your time reading the article below . This way, you can make the correct decision on the cage for your birds and you won’t have to spend a big sum on a product you might soon regret.

As a pet owner, we understand that selecting the best cage for our small, feathered friends is often a challenge. So, our team put together a list of the best cages you can get for your finches and canaries. These units have gained countless positive reviews on Amazon. Our top picks are highly appreciated by experts as well.

Below is a list of things to think about before purchasing a cage-

1/ Always double check the bar spacing on cages as over 1.5 cm the smaller birds may escape. 

2/For a pair of finches or canaries the smaller birdcages listed are fine, but if you intend to keep a group of finches then bigger is better.

3/ Finches love to fly from perch to perch so do not fill their cage with to many toys, but I have found mine do like a swing to fly to.

4/When choosing perches for your smaller birds always make sure they are smooth(the rougher perches are ideal for parrots but will cut the delicate feet of finches and canaries.

5/A birdcage with smaller doors is better than one with larger doors as there is less chance of escape.






favorite finch cage

Ferplast Bird Cage for Canaries, Parakeets and Small Exotic Birds, Dimensions: 87 x 46.5 x 70 cm, black

Large cage for exotic birds, canaries and parakeets made from durable lacquered metal mesh with corner columns and plastic base.
Practical removable drawers for collecting dirt and grime, easy to clean and maintain.
Equipped with access doors to the cage with safety locking hooks. Easy to assemble. Delivered in space-saving packaging.

Prevue Hendryx SPF063 Divided Flight Cage, Black

Designed to encourage exercise and activity
Can easily be stacked with additional flight cages
4 Plastic cups, 4 wood perches and wire divider included

Two front opening doors
24-Inch Long, 16-inch Wide, 16-inch High with 1/2-inch wire spacing

Prevue Hendryx SP1720-4 Shanghai Parakeet Cage, Green and White

Decorative peak styled roofline
Includes two cups, two perches and one swing
Ideal for parakeets, canaries and similar sized birds

Color coordinated removable tray
13 1/2-Inch Long, 11-inch Wide, 22-inch High with 7/16-inch wire spacing