The Best Parakeet Cages

Our Guide to the Best Parakeet Cages

The Best Parakeet Cages

Depending on your love for your budgies, selecting the right birdcage can rival choosing the right house for yourself.

This is where your bird will call home, and you need to make sure the size, accessories, features, and accommodations work for them.

Birds have special needs and you need to keep that in mind when choosing the best birdcage for your favorite feathered friend.

Whether this is your first cage or you’re upgrading, our guide will help you find exactly what you need for your bird or birds.

Budgies are cute and they do well in small to medium cages, but giving them one with plenty of room would be best.

Our favorite cage for Parakeets/Budgies is the  Prevue Hendryx Wrought Iron Flight Cage. Ideal for 1 or multiple birds this is one of the best cages around

The smaller cages like Prevue House style economy cage are ok for single budgies only when they are able to spend a lot of time out of their cage.

When choosing the best parakeet cages always go for the biggest cage you have the room for, as just like ourselves budgies love room to play.

Below is a selection of the best parakeet cages which are all top-rated. Each great value for money. If you want to see more choice then check out our parakeet cages here

No1/This is our favorite cage. A good quality cage ideal for parakeets(budgies).  The perfect home for multiple Parakeets, Lovebirds, Cockatiels, finches, canaries and all similar sized birds .
Four plastic cups and three solid wood perches included. Non-toxic and pet safe powder-coated steel mesh with plastic tray. Featuring two large front doors for easy access plus a pull out bottom grille and tray for convenient cleaning. With a bottom shelf to provide additional storage space, this flight cage stands on rolling casters and is easily moved from room to room.  Size of x large- 37-Inch long, 23-inch wide and 60-inch with 1/2-inch wire spacing.

Score 10/10

A  quality cage from Prevue the Lincoln bird cage Black 110B comes completely assembled with all-welded, underbody cage construction and a baked enamel finish. Clear plastic seed guards slip into integrated corner brackets to help contain mess. Perfect your small to medium sized bird, The Lincoln features a landing style front access door and includes 3 cups, 2 perches and a swing. Grille and tray are removable for ease of cleaning. Proudly made in the USA, our Lincoln 110B cage measures 22″ Long, 15″ Wide and 23″ High with 5/8″ wire spacing. Wash cage regularly with a mild soap, warm water. Dry thoroughly.

Made in the USA
No assembly required
Durable, baked enamel finish
Three cups, two perches and one swing included
22″ long, 15″ wide and 23″ with 5/8″ wire spacing

Score 9/10

A Great cage which comes complete with toys,perches , feeders etc The Ferplast Piano 6 Open Bird Cage is one of the larger, small bird cages on the market.The base features a slide out tray to make cleaning easier and less stressful for your bird. Large cage for exotic birds, canaries and parakeets made from durable lacquered metal mesh with corner columns and plastic base.
Practical removable drawers for collecting dirt and grime, easy to clean and maintain.
Equipped with access doors to the cage with safety locking hooks. Easy to assemble. 
Complete with water dispensers, toys, swings, vegetable holders, traditional perches and flexible modular perches, bowls for seeds and biscuits.
Includes four Brava 2 swivel feeders made of transparent plastic which can be rotated 180 degrees and filled from the outside without the birds escaping through the opening.

Score 9/10

Ideal for 1 small parakeet, this is our economy choice.  Prevue Pet Products House Style Economy Bird Cage Blue 31996 is an economical cage for your parakeet or other small bird. Two plastic cups, two plastic perches, one swing and a pull-out debris tray are included. Cage measures 12’’ Long, 9’’ Wide and 15’’ High with 1/2’’ wire spacing. The carrying handle makes this small bird cage ideal for use as a travel cage

Pros -Cheap

Cons- Very small so a parakeet would need  a lot of time out of his cage

Score 6/10