Where to place a Bird cage

You may think that once you have put your new bird in his cage ,then added some new toys and perches  he will be happy But finding the best place for a birdcage matters just as much as what you put inside a new cage.

Finding the best place  for a bird cage is really important for your bird’s health and happiness . 

Where to place a Bird Cage in your home

DO NOT keep birds in these rooms

You should never keep birds in the kitchen of your home. First there are many cooking fumes which are toxic for birds in a kitchen, which can make them very ill or even kill. Secondly the heat in a kitchen can change very quickly from cold to very hot which is not healthy for your bird.

Also never put your birds in the bathroom. Here again the temperature can rise very quickly and the humidity can be bad. There are also many toxic fumes from air fresheners and hairspray cans etc.

Be aware of other poisonous things in your house when placing your cage.There are many plants which are poisonous to birds like azalea, poinsettia,oleander, and philodendron to name a few. Never use scented candles and air fresheners in the same room and if people smoke in certain rooms then keep the birds away from them if at all possible as these are all toxic to your new feathered friends.

Birds and Human Interaction (where to place a bird cage)

Birds need human interaction so should be kept in rooms used by people in your home. Never keep them in rooms which are not used regularly as many birds love attention and would get bored and lonely, which can lead to problems like feather plucking etc. Although that said never put them somewhere where there is too much commotion or noise as this can lead your to become anxious and could also lead to health problems. When deciding where to place your bird cages  a lot of people choose the bedroom, an ideal place  if your a person who spends time here. Just be very careful with deodorant sprays, perfumes, hairsprays etc as these can be harmful to your birds. Be very careful about placing bird cages near coal or log burning heaters

Not to High, Not to Low

When deciding where to place a bird cage you also need to think about the height its placed at. If your bird cage is a table top version rather than a free standing cage then making sure its at the correct height is important. Birds ideally should be kept at chest height ,if put to high and they will feel superior or even isolated. Put them too low and they can become anxious and upset. 

By a Wall, Beware Windows

Always position your bird cage with at least one side against a wall and if possible in a corner to protect two sides. This will help your bird feel more secure and confident unlike if you position it in the centre of the room where your bird would be more anxious.

Do not place your birds directly in front of a window. Although birds do require sunlight they also need to be able to get into shade at times when it’s too hot. A partial window position would be great as long as there is always shade. Also leaving a bird cage in front of a window can be frightening due to cats, dogs and bad weather etc.

A final thing to mention is that you should try not to keep your bird close to a heat or air conditioning vents, radiators, fires etc as the rapid changes in temperature are unhealthy for your feathered friends.

Follow these tips above, and hopefully you will find the perfect spot to keep your bird healthy and happy 

If you would like more details on keeping your particular bird safe check out Bird doctor website  Here you will find in-depth reports on the most popular birds and parrots

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