Parrot Cages - How to choose the best cage

The Main Things to Think About Before Purchasing a Parrot Cage

  1. The Size of the Cage
  2. Bar Spacing
  3. Bar Thickness

 Choosing a  Quality Parrot Cage or Bird Cage is one of the most important decisions that you can make for your pet. A parrot cage should be large enough to house the bird comfortably. We always suggest bigger is better as it will need room to move around when you are not home or when it can not have time out of its cage.

There are a huge number of bird and parrot cages on the market today, so how do you choose the right one for your pet bird or parrot? There are several things to look at when you are deciding on the right cage for your pet bird.


parrot cages
Prevue Hendryx Pet Products 34521 Dometop Bird Cage, Large, Black
play top cage
VADIGRAN Evita 1 Hammered Parrot Cage, Grey, 50 x 50 x 154 cm

Parrot Cage Size

The overall size of a  Cage is important. You are better off purchasing a Large Parrot cage or Extra Large parrot cage rather than a smaller  cage. Parrots would rather climb than fly like other birds who fly from side to side so the height is very important.

Thet cage that you choose should be wide enough for your bird to open its wings fully. Parrots and pet birds flap their wings to exercise or stretch which is why this is important.

Parrot Cage – Bar Spacing and Thickness of Bars

The Spacing between bars of a parrot cage must always be  appropriate for your bird’s size. Too small and the parrot can get its beak or toes caught in the bars, too large and a smaller bird could escape.

Another thing to consider when it comes to cage bars is the thickness. Bar thickness should be thin enough that your parrot or pet bird can easily grip the bar with its feet, but thick enough that the bird can not bend or break the bars. 

Another thing to consider when choosing a parrot cage is whether or not to get a cage with a play top. A play top parrot cage has a flat top and perches, toys, food cups, etc. These are ideal if you have limited space and don’t have room for a parrot stand. If you have more space a dome cage with a parrot stand in the room usually gives your bird more space and more a sense of freedom

A Parrot can live for 20-30 years plus so we would suggest you purchase the best quality Parrot cage you can afford. Parrots are strong and will damage a cage which is not made for it

Like we said earlier there are many different bird cages to choose from. The cages shown around this article are some of our favorites but you will find many more within our website. Other best sellers include the

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If your looking for something  a bit smaller there is also

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All the cages we list have been chosen because they are top rated and have many excellent reviews. Cages that don’t come up to standard are never listed so you can buy with confidence  from us.

If you want more info on your particular species of bird/parrot the check out

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